Membership fee 2023 – 2024

1x per week unlimited
youth t/m 17 years per year € 290,00 € 380,00
per instalment* € 72,50 € 95,00
parent+child judo per year € 300,00
per instalment* € 75,00
adults (from 18 years) per year € 300,00 € 390,00
per instalment* € 75,00 € 97,50
students per year** € 190,00 € 220,00
Extra costs cost
Competitive judo € 35,00
Competitive judo with TopJudo Amsterdam € 100,00
Registration fee € 10,00
Trial lesson (register via the website) free

* You pay the contribution in 4 instalment periods

** mbo / hbo / wo, ask for the conditions.

How it works

We use the ClubCollect system of payment. You will receive a request for payment via text message and/or email. Just click on the link, and you will be automatically brought to your personal online Checkout. Her you will be able to review your subscription, and download the invoice before payment is finalised.  You will also be given the choice to pay via annual subscription or instalment*. Payment can be made via direct debit or via the Dutch online payment system of iDEAL.

*Payment in instalments can only be made via direct debit. To avail of this service a small charge will be incurred.

Cancelling your membership

If you decide to cancel your JAA membership, written notification is required (via letter or email). Contributions paid will not be refunded.

You are personally responsible for cancellation of your membership  with the Judo Bond Nederland (JBN).

Membership of the Judo Bond Nederland

Participation in judo in the Netherlands requires membership with the Judo Bond Nederland (JBN). The JBN membership fee is not include in the JAA club contribution.

For more information about the JBN and the associated costs please click (or email) here: website: – email: – 030-7073610

Low income? Stadspas (Citypass)?

If you are a Citypass (Stadspas) holder, please let us know, and send us your name and Stadspas number. Stadspas holders do not pay the once-off registration fee, and for children up to 18 years of age contribution may be subsidised up to €300,00 per year.

Check out possible subsidies for sport and sport clothing through the schoolchild subsidies: (or ring 020 – 3463 684) or through the Youthsport Fund: (of ring 020 – 6000 730).

If you have an application open with the Youthsport Fund and you are a Stadspas holder, please lets us know. We are happy to discuss the possibilities of financial assistance with your contribution fee.