Together on the way to the Top

Together on the way to the top is the name of our plan that facilitates the development of young talented judoka’s at JAA to become successful competitors at competition level. Children that make an impression at internal competition level may be selected to try out more competitive classes.

Competition judoka’s take part in extra training and competitions outside the club. In training competitive judoka’s, we believe in a long-term vision where the focus is more on active participation and development rather than winning or losing. This creates a safe and trusted atmosphere where in the judokas have space to bring out the best in themselves. This method has led to a large and active competitive judo team at JAA. More and more of our judokas are breaking through at the national and international levels.

Enjoyment of the support and supporting each other remain our core values, not only for the competitor, but also for the parents/carers and the supervisors at the club. Positive cooperation between the judoka, parents and trainers wherein everyone focusses on our common goal. This is what we mean when we say “Together on the way to the top!!”